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Industry News For Spring 2000

Love At First Sight: One week with my Jornada 548
Now that I have been using the device for almost a week I feel it necessary to write down some of my initial thoughts about my brand new toy.

Budsī World News Break: Budsī Jornada is On Its Way
I received a shipping conformation at 3:00pm today and it is official, Budsī HP Jornada 548 is on its way and it should be in my hands by Friday so stay tuned.

Developer One Launches New Applications for Pocket PC
Developer One, Inc. today announced its release of a powerful collection of productivity enhancing applications for Windows-powered Pocket PCs. Developer One's software launch for the Pocket PC includes applications that speed data entry, organize data securely, and improve launching and management of applications.

A PC in every pocket
Microsoft's new Pocket PC handheld computer is a direct challenge to Palm and Visor for the mobile computing market. Microsoft hopes the third time is a charm with its latest handheld computer

Pocket PC News Roundup
Well the dust has cleared and now its time for a Pocket PC news roundup. Just one week ago we all waited in anticipation as news and rumors began to emerge. Now that all the facts are out in the open I will attempt to sum up all the news and important facts into one concise article. 

First Pocket PC Review
Read through this review to see what Richard Kettner thinks of the new Pocket PC OS (code named Rapier). This is no "sneak peak", it's ALL the details.


Whats New

Comparison Chart
Jornada Pictures
HP Jornada; Does 12 bit screen = trouble for HP


Check It Out
Visit the Pocket PC website

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